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"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" - Henry Miller
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Janine has an infectious, warm and comforting energy which she maintains through every interaction. She has made an unquantifiable impact on my personal life, my self-awareness and ability to ‘self-correct’ as a leader and in my approach to working with people of many different backgrounds. I continue to learn from her with every interaction. Her attention to detail and extensive resources shared have proven invaluable in my personal development.

Tshepo Bhengu
Director, Rewoven

Thanks to coaching sessions with Janine my professional life has changed. My time management has improved drastically which had a great impact on my productivity and general output. This is mainly due to some very useful tools and tips to, inter alia, frame requests differently, identify stressful situations, appropriately deal with them and to find solutions to get through the tough task of running a department in a fast-paced environment.

Nicholas Gotshell
Head: Federal Legal Commission & Compliance at Democratic Alliance

Janine has played an incredible role in my transition from being a university student to a full-time entrepreneur. Her sessions were incredibly instrumental in allowing me to better understand my strengths and gain the courage to choose the path less travelled, a path I do not regret choosing. She has definitely been one of the most impactful people in my year and I feel incredibly privileged to continue having her as my life coach in 2019 as well.

Esethu Cenga
Founder, Rewoven

I recently completed the Leadership Course for Women in Business offered by ShiftCC. Janine’s course doesn’t follow the generic run-of-the-mill type of course. Her interactive workshop and online learning content is designed to get you involved. I loved her authentic and genuine concern for all the women in her course. Janine is really passionate about what she does and I can highly recommend her services.

Ginette Blackbeard
Founder, Kunekt

Janine has a remarkable way of helping an individual see what a life lived more purposefully could really look like. She is insightful, listens with ease and is an encouraging and uplifting. The coaching resulted in more purposeful intentions and I was catapulted to think differently about myself and my future. As a result of coaching with Janine, I have embarked on a new career that I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Angie Floyd
Change Management, Santam Insurance

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Janine over the last few months. I found the sessions personally challenging as they call for deep introspection, self-investigation and accountability with whatever actions you resolve to take.
I can recommend SHIFT CC to anyone who is looking to improve themselves but not wanting a standard ‘one size fits all’ coaching programme.

Edward Bell
Advice Manager, LifeCheq

Janine was such a bright light at a dark time. Her warmth made it easy to open up in my very first session. Three months later I can say I have had a complete shift in consciousness and awareness. Anyone would greatly benefit from Janine’s help. She helps you to start to see the infinite possibilities that lie in us and facilitated something very important in me.

Tselane Bolofo
Interior Brand Architecture

Your course for Women in Leadership was much more than I expected – it was a game changer in my life. Not only as a leader in my workspace but in my home as well. My family have felt my renewed energy and my new way of being is making my life much more manageable and I am loving it. I thank you for giving me the knowledge to be more present in my life.

Claudette February
Partner, NexiaSA

Coaching sessions with Janine have helped me to be more positive about myself and aware of my limitless capabilities. Paying attention to where I am mentally has raised my awareness of where I am physically and emotionally, and also how I am communicating to others. I now live my life with enthusiasm and positive curiosity.

Kelvin Nyabaya

I found Janine’s workshop to be incredibly valuable in gathering insights into the hurdles that one can come across when starting a business. It was a great way to work though the blocks I was facing.Two weeks later we had a ‘check in’ to find out how we had progressed with the goals, and I found that this was a brilliant way of helping the group stay accountable and motivated.

Ingrid Roberts
Akro Capital Workshop Participant

I was a participant on Janine’s Leadership in Business Programme and have been genuinely impressed at the careful consideration of her content, and most importantly, the focus on how to apply this to every day situations or experiences that have added instant value.
I love the fact that Janine creates a comfortable environment that fosters self worth and confidence.

Tammy Ward
Director, Passionate About Brand Activations

Life can place hurdles in your way at times. I am so grateful my journey led me to Janine. I know the techniques and valued information I have gained from our sessions has kept me in a positive and powerful state. Her sessions are personalised, structured and she helps you find answers to your own deep questions. She’s amazing. Now I can pass this knowledge on and make a difference.

Kea Ledwaba
Founder, Crowdcoin

Janine Flint
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